Retaining Walls and Stone

Retaining walls have long been a fundamental element in commercial and residential construction. A landscape retaining wall can transform a generic backyard into an elegant courtyard. A structural retaining wall adds strength and appeal to any commercial design. 


Landscape retaining walls make an excellent focal point in your yard. The beauty and flexibility that retaining walls offer can add dimension, depth, and compliment the surrounding landscape.  Structural retaining walls offer foundational support as well as interest to almost any commercial project. 


Most people understand that when it comes to landscaping, improper installation, skimping on material and taking shortcuts will almost always result in problems down the line.  Poorly constructed retaining walls will eventually fail. Improper grading will result in drainage problems and soil erosion. Pavers will sink, concrete will crack and the list goes on and on.  At Metro Grading, Inc., we believe in doing it right the first time. We use high quality, durable materials and take the time to install everything properly from the bottom up.

Your Property is Our #1 Priority!